Online 1 to 1 Mentoring

When you train with us, you receive a bespoke programme, developed just for you and your mediumship.  It ensures that you receive a high standard of formal training on the fundamental principles of mental mediumship. 

This type of training is for the student of mediumship who takes their development seriously.  Also for the student who is willing to work hard, to be stretched outside of their comfort zone to then gain insight and understanding. This unique training takes a close look at your ability and offers you a unique opportunity to see behind the mechanics.

You will receive tuition and mentoring combined with practice exercises, which are monitored and supported.  You will benefit from inclusion to a global support network of students, to share and practice specifics areas of your mediumship.  This together with access to observed sessions, will take your understanding and development of your mediumship to a new level.

Key Benefits:

  • Tailored tuition and mentoring.
  • Support Network access.
  • Access to observed sessions.
  • Access to Masterclasses.
  • Free Access to a monthly “Let’s Talk mediumship” programme.
  • Two tutors.
  • Regular communications.

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