Events & Workshops

The World of Clairsentience

The world of clairsentience   The Science of sensing   Understanding a feeling is vital when telling the story of life for your communicator.  However,…


The World of Clairvoyance

The World of Clairvoyance Deepening your Evidence  Taking a closer look at your evidence and really understanding what you have, is vital in the proficiency…


Moving The Consciousness

Moving The consciousness This course will be focusing on an exploration of altered states of consciousness and aspects of trance mediumship. How can we, as…


Beyond The Story

Beyond The Story Are you feeling lost in your development? Not knowing what is needed to improve your Psychic or Mediumship?  Feeling frustrated that the…


Public Presentation and Inspired Speaking

Ready to be inspired by this rare weekend. We will focus on inspirational speaking and public presentation, also known as an address, using your own…


Intensive Mediumship

Intensive weekend of mediumship. Have you ever felt like you got some evidence, but you know there was more? Or, maybe you had a sense…


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