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Find out about the latest international events and workshops from The Spirit and Soul Foundation.


Demonstrating Weekend

Tutor: Philip Dykes

Date: February 7th – 11th 2019

This weekend course is for those that are looking to gain confidence in demonstrating or presenting their Mediumship in general and also in the planning of making the next step to working publicly.

Presenting mediumship professionally and effectively is vitally important, a rational delivery gains you the most impact and helps you to establish a confidence and rapport with your audience/recipient, creating a positive atmosphere to work in. The course will look at different demonstration techniques – moving direct through the essence of the communicators’ power to the recipient, or using the strongest evidence to find your recipient or offering out the evidence to the whole audience and when each style can and should be used.

Using vital presentation skills gains confidence in your audience: we will look at voice projection and how to use your voice effectively; body gestures and how to present in a more positive and confident manner, without losing your own ‘individuality’ in your mediumship. There will also be a practical assessments of your mediumship, which will help move you forward. Through proven exercises of the mechanics of mediumship, the course will aim to assist you achieve a higher level of ability.

Philip will be there to help and guide you throughout these proven practical exercises. This weekend course will be fun with lots of learning and therefore some hard work too, it is aimed at those who really want to improve their demonstrating/presentation skills in order to create an even higher standard in your work.

Boston, USA

We Don’t Die 5 Day Event

Demonstrators and Tutors: Philip Dykes & Kerry McLeod

21st-25th February 2019

We Don’t Die Boston has been organised by Sandra Champlain, who has investigated the After life for twenty years, Sandra says ” losing a loved one is one of the most painful experiences we can have as a human being, this pain can cause us to search for answers of evidence of the afterlife, Sandra feels that asking The Spirit and Soul Foundation to show case their ability on this event will have a profound effect, Philip Dykes and Kerry McLeod will be demonstrating at the 5 day event and holding workshops to help people progress on their spiritual journey and enhance their own abilities with the spirit world. 

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

The Spirit and Soul Gathering – USA

Tutors: Philip Dykes & Kerry McLeod

This 10 Day event will be a show case for The Spirit & Soul Foundation, show casing their tutors abilities in leading Workshops, Lectures, seminars, Demonstrations and Private assessments.

This event is open to the General public for participation in group activities and lectures. the program involved is the first of its kind in this venue and organisation.

This Event is non residential and all participants will need to find their own lodgings, the course organiser will be able to help with bookings and hotels.

The tutors will take participants through the mechanics of mediumship, explaining in detail for understanding and to help students move forward in their abilities, through proven exercises in a safe and friendly environment the tutors will explore the potential/ability of the student, helping them to reach to their potential as a medium.

Not only will the tutors explore the potential and through practical exercises assist in assessment of the individuals ability, but they will explore the spirituality of the individual through a personal growth outlook via the coaching method that is unique to The Spirit & Soul Foundation, through its accredited IFC coaching tutor.

The CCPM module has become very successful through the progressive groups in the United Kingdom, gaining acknowledgement in Mainland Europe, Canada and now in the USA. The organisation in Santa Fe, New Mexico are the first to introduce this teaching to the USA.


We Don’t Die ORLANDO Event

 March 28TH – 1ST April 2019

We Don’t Die Orlando has been organised by Sandra Champlain, who has investigated the After life for twenty years, Sandra says ” losing a loved one is one of the most painful experiences we can have as a human being, this pain can cause us to search for answers of evidence of the afterlife, Sandra feels that asking Philip Dykes & Kerry McLeod to Demonstrate there ability on this event will have a profound effect, through their rational and logical presentation of the intelligence of the spirit worlds evidence. Also The Spirit and Soul Foundation tutors will be holding a workshop to enhance those people wishing to move forward with their own ability on this event.  

The Scottish & International Gathering, Holland

You, Your mediumship and Trance

Tutors: Philip Dykes, Kerry McLeod & Nicole De Haas

Date: 18th August 201923rd August 2019

The way we work and present our Mediumship has evolved over the years, people’s needs, and expectations have changed, the tutors of this week have all been selected for their knowledge and experience in their fields, from transformational coaching, mental mediumship and trance/physical mediumship to meet these needs of today.

This week offers the opportunity for students to be on either a mediumship or trance course, with students being able to discover the true self through personal growth looking to discover the true self through personal growth looking to further their ability. Through the week there will be group sessions on aspects of mental mediumship and personal development to see what is getting in the way, workgroups and daily lectures to construct a solid foundation. For those that are wishing to develop trance, this week will allow you to experience levels of the altered states, focusing on trance healing and trance speaking. In addition, there will be a demonstration of mediumship and an experimental evening of trance/physical mediumship.

This week is a perfect opportunity to unfold your mediumistic and spiritual development in a positive environment to inspire confidence , while supported by a team of tutors who have a wonderful knowledge and can be influenced by their own spirit teams in the spirit world to enhance the individuals strength and talent and a deeper delve into self to unlock that spiritual essence.

this week will also allow you to experience deeper levels of understanding of the self, your mediumship and altered states. you will gain a greater understanding of spirit communication and further develop trust. By gaining an insight into self you gain an insight into your mediumship and the trance states. This week is about a unique way bringing cultures, understanding and friendship, in a way that the old Scottish customs of clan gatherings did in the past, sharing times and knowledge and spiritual togetherness.


2019 International Medium Series, Spiritualist society of Burlington

Tutors: Philip Dykes & Kerry McLeod

November 8th-16th 2019

Philip Dykes & Kerry McLeod have been selected to be part of the International Medium series that the Spiritualist Society of Burlington are presenting in 2019, There will be three separate workshops for participants to unfold their spiritual abilities, There will also be a Demonstration with an experimental nature testing the true intelligence of the Spirit world. The Spirit and Soul Foundation are proud for their two lead tutors taking the Modules of teachings to Canada.


SAILING WITH SPIRIT 2019 – 10-Day Southern Caribbean Medley

Tutor: Philip Dykes and Kerry McLeod with Rev. James

Date: November 17-27, 2019

Join International U.K. mediums Philip Dykes and Kerry McLeod with Rev. James Kinnear on the second SAILING WITH SPIRIT including mediumship workshops, morning meditations, a demonstration of mediumship, Divine Service, and tutorial.


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